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Whether it’s bespoke music for a AAA video game release, a memorable tv theme, an entire film score, or the production of a full album, there’s infinite scope for your production available here.

Capitalising on a ‘musicality-first’ approach backed-up with all the necessary technical expertise, tools, and experience, there’s endless scope in the range of sounds and styles available – and of course the highest sonic quality is guaranteed.

I specialise in music composition and production, and pride myself on adaptability and breadth. My creative priorities focus on: empathy, message, tone, engagement, emotion, effect, and immersion. My professional priorities are the brief, the budget, reliability, accessibility, communication, and deadline-thumping turnaround.

Sound Design

Through synthesis, organic sources, and endless imaginative methods of sonic-manipulation, worlds of yet-unheard or familiar sounds await your project. Sound design isn’t limited to the creation of bespoke, cultivated audio however – it also encompasses common audio post-processes, not to mention sound-diffusion in configurations from stereo, to immersive ormats including ambisonic, binaural, and Dolby Atmos and equivalent formats.

Audio Post-Production

From dialogue edit, levelling and mastering for web/broadcast standards, general improvement in clarity,  music track mixing or full album mastering, it’s all covered here. Immersive audio also falls under this umbrella and has fast-become a relevant and desirable requirement for VR/AR projects etc.

Location/Field Recording

Nothing beats having a dedicated sound recordist/engineer on location. From interviews and concert performances, to sound design/SFX/ambisonics, I provide broad-ranging audio capture options and the gear to match.


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