Whether you require music for your upcoming Triple-A video game release, a memorable television theme, an entire film score, or the production of a full album, there’s infinite scope for your production here. Scroll down for a few examples of my work plus some of the other services on offer.

Capitalising on a ‘musicality-first’ approach backed-up with the necessary technical expertise and utilising some of the finest software libraries available, there’s endless scope in the range of sounds and styles available – and of course the highest sonic quality is guaranteed.

I specialise in music composition and production, and pride myself on adaptability and breadth. My creative priorities focus on: empathy, message, tone, engagement, structure, emotion, effect, connection, imagination, heart, and immersion. My professional priorities are simply the brief, the budget, reliability, communication, deadline-thumping turnaround, and offering a genuine alternative to library music which simply can’t compete with bespoke composition (however many hours spent trawling through endless of tracks trying to find ‘the one’).

Sound Design

Through synthesis, organic sources, and numerous imaginative methods of sonic-manipulation, worlds of yet-unheard sounds await your film or game!

Sound design isn’t limited to the creation of bespoke, cultivated audio however – it can also encompass track-lay, sound-diffusion, and many other important processes.

Location/Field Recording

Nothing beats having a dedicated sound recordist and engineer on set or location to capture the all-important sound as accurately and in as high a quality as possible. From wildtracks to interviews, to concert, performance, or sound design capture, my fully-encompassing field recording setup guarantees the finest sounding audio for your project. The location sound rig includes:

  • Sound Devices Mixpre 10T main location recorder/mixer with battery sleds and assorted NP-F batteries
  • Edirol R4 Pro backup recorder (upgraded to CF storage)
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun Microphones x2
  • Rodelink RX/TX digital radio receivers/transmitters and lavalier mics x2
  • Rode Boompole & Rode blimp
  • Sachtler location recording bag & custom-made desktop stand for location recorder
  • Rycote/Rode wind-jammers
  • Rycote/Rode Lyre microphone supports
  • Rycote Stickies and Undercovers for hidden lav mic positioning
  • High-quality cables, stands, and misc. accessories
  • Additional equipment readily bought-in or rented wherever required.

All my equipment is maintained to the highest order and cleverly cased for organised and safe location recording with air-travel in mind – It’s tried, thoroughly tested, and completely trusted.

Edit / Restore / Mix / Master

A technical area to be sure, but one where we can be just as creative. Utilising incredibly powerful tools, including but not limited to the latest Advanced-Edition offerings from Izotope (including RX etc), remarkable things can be done with all forms and sources of audio.

From dialogue edit, leveling and general improvement in clarity, to recovering the perfect scene that’s been slightly marred by an errant but impressive sneeze or a post VO recording script alteration, to music track mixing or album mastering, it’s all covered here.

Session Recording/Stems

One of my favourite musical roles is providing multi-genre multi-instrumental session work/delivery. I also offer musical drum and orchestral-instrument programming and re-voicing.

Instrumental sessions are delivered both fully-processed, and with the raw DI/mic audio so that they can be re-amped/edited later if desired. Similarly, programmed stems and arrangements always include the original performance midi.

VO Recording, Direction, & Delivery

My dulcet South-Walian tones have their place, but perhaps you have the perfect voice-talent in mind and just lack a recording location or producer.

I run a production-studio, but still offer the acoustics, equipment, and sympathetic direction required for top-end VO performance & capture, plus the all-important post-processes. From high quality automated-telephone-menu-service or narration, to audio-book recording and production, it can all be done here.

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