The Studio

Close-up image of studio

The purpose-built and custom-designed studio features 192khz 24bit digital multi-track recording via a Motu 896mk3 firewire interface and Cubase Pro 9. The entire system is driven by a custom high-spec hex-core machine which was designed and built in-house.

AKG 414 microphone
Focal Trio 6 be studio monitor

Monitoring comes in the form of both mid and near-field stereo – not to mention 6.1 surround mid-field – solutions from Focal, Tannoy, Wharfedale, NAD, and Sony,  with headphone monitoring from Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica and CME.

Recording studio equipment panoramic
Rode NT4 microphone
Korg M1 synthesizer

There’s a standalone stereo hi-fi setup featuring QAcoustics speakers, NAD amplification, and Pro-ject A/D converters, plus a private 4k 7.2 surround system with offerings from B&W, Samsung, and Pioneer, which is driven by a dedicated custom-designed mediacentre/server machine, also built in-house.

Korg M1 and M-Audio Keystation 88ES keyboards
Studio headphones
Crate Powerblock power amplifier

Hands-on control is provided by 24-track automated-fader Mackie control-surfaces, plus various other controllers from NI, TC Electronics, M-Audio, Wacom, and Leap Motion, not mention a Korg M1 synthesizer and Yamaha Clavinova-series electric piano.

Visual monitoring is delivered via a high quality cinema-style Samsung LED screen array ranging from 26” nearfield viewing to 46” main screen.

There’s also your typical compliment of hardware from Proel, K&M, and Quicklok, plus microphones from AKG, Shure, Rode, and Behringer, and location recording gear from Rode, Edirol, and Rycote.

Motu 896 mk3 audio interface
B&W DM centre speaker

The climate-controlled space boasts full professional internal acoustic treatment including 6mm laminated acoustic double-glazing and acoustic-grade insulation and materials within the build itself.

It’s also super-efficient with modern build materials, LED lighting throughout, and class-A appliances/PSU’s. It also utilises the latest automation and security technologies from manufacturers such as Ring, Canary, Yale, Echo, and LightwaveRF.

Mackie control surfaces